Jamabandi Nakal Haryana : Online Portal

Jamabandi Nakal information can now be obtained by all the citizens of Haryana state sitting at home through online medium. For this, a portal named Jamabandi has been launched by the Haryana government . You can now easily see your land records sitting at home through your account Jamabandi portal and also you can go to the official website to get all the information about your account Khatauni number, Jamabandi copy.

Along with this, you can also check your Khet number, Khatauni number and Violence number etc. from this portal. Through this portal, the Haryana Government is giving all the information related to the land to the citizens of its state with the benefit of online facility.

jamabandi nakal haryana
jamabandi nakal haryana

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal

For the information of Haryana Jamabandi Nakal , earlier candidates had to make rounds of Patwari or Tehsil, so that even for the smallest information, they had to go to the government office, due to which the candidates had to face a lot of problems and At the same time, the waste of time, money used to be different, but now you can get the information of your land very easily sitting at home. 

With the launch of Apna Khata Portal, you can now get all the details related to the land ( Haryana Land Record ). Let us tell you that all your documents related to land are government, whose full details are with the government. The process of viewing Haryana Portal Jamabandi nakal online is given in the next article.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal 2022 Highlights

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal
Department Revenue Department
Beneficiaries Citizens of the State
purpose facilitating people sitting at home
Land record view point Online / Offline
year 2022
official website jamabandi.nic.in
Zegocina – Home Click here

Benefits of Haryana Jamabandi Apna Khata Online

  • Now people of Haryana can easily get information about their Haryana land record  online .
  • By taking advantage of your account sitting at home, you can take complete details about your land sitting at home.
  • Due to online facility, your land record and The complete information will already be available with the government. So that no one can forcibly claim ownership of your land. If this happens then action will be taken by the government in this situation.
  • Now you will not have to make rounds of any Patwari.
  • You can get your lands map online.
  • Actions like land-related fraud will now be prevented, no citizen will be able to take possession of any citizen’s land.
  • Citizens can use land records as a document to complete the work related to taking loan from the bank.

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Types of Haryana Land Records

Let us tell you that the documents have different roles in the land records also. For which different paperwork is done and at the same time different documents are demanded at every place. Following are the types of documents related to land.

  • Jamabandi- Under Jamabandi, information related to the owner of the land and up to date rights of land is given.
  • Latha – We know Latha by the name of Shajra. It is held by the patwari which has a copy of the shajra on a cloth called a latha which has some fields of survey number and dimensions.
  • Lal Kitab – In Lal Kitab, you get a lot of information related to land. Such as information related to crops, transfer of soil, land use, classification of soil, area under crops, means of irrigation in rural areas etc.
  • Mutation Register- Mutation means change in the ownership of land. In mutation, all the details related to the field, jamabandi are recorded.
  • Shajra nasab – Shajra nasab contains the details of all those whose ownership changes from time to time.
  • Rainfall Register- Rainfall Register contains information related to rainfall.
  • Current Price Register – The price of food items running at the present time is written.
  • Khasra Girdawari – This is a register of crop inspection, in which the patwari inspects the harvesting of crops in the months of March and October, in which the crop, soil category, and the efficiency of the cultivator are recorded.
  • Shajarwa Kishtwar- It contains the map of the fields of the village, which contains complete information about the fields and the measles number.
  • Roznamcha- In the Roznamcha, complete information about the day-to-day events kept under the executive orders issued by the Patwari from time to time is expressed.
  • Muntakhib Asmivir – This document contains complete information about the fields. In which the amount of rent is also included.

How to check Jamabandi Nakal Online ?

All the interested candidates of the state who want to check their account online, we are telling you some steps here, you can follow the given steps. 

haryana jamabandi nakal
Jamabandi Nakal Online Portal
  • You have to further enter some information in the page like By Owner Name, By Khewat, By Khasra/Survey No, By Date of Mutation . will have to enter.
  • As soon as you fill all the information some details will appear on your screen. In this, by clicking on Select Owner, you have to select in whose name your land is owned, if you click on Private, then in whose name you click on it.
  • After that complete information about your land will be on your screen.
  • If you want, you can download this document and take a print out of it.

How to check Haryana Khasra Khatauni / Violence Number online?

Candidates can easily check their Haryana Khasra Khatauni / Violence Number online by following the steps given below . 

  • Firstly candidates visit the official website .
  • You have to enter your district, tehsil, village name in the application form. After that click on select type. You choose any one.
  • After that choose the owner type.
  • Then Khet number, Khatauni number, Violence number will come in front of you.

To Know the status of Mutation , Mutation Orders , Kashtkar Details , Khewat Khatoni , Makbuja etc. You can check by following the links given below.

Jamabandi Portal
Check Mutation Status Click Here
Check Mutation Order Click Here
View Cadastral Maps Click Here
View Court Case Click Here
View Stay Orders Click Here

What is the benifits of Jamabandi Nakal Portal

Now the citizens of Haryana can get the information related to their land online through online. For this, they will no longer need to go to any office or Patwari Khana.

Jamabandi Online Nakal is valid or not

The copy taken online is valid only if it has been certified by the officer concerned with the tehsil with signature.

Land records of both rural and urban areas are available in Jamabandi portal

Yes, in the portal, the land records of all the areas of the state have been made available in the Jamabandi portal.

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