Rocketry-The Nambi Effect Box Office Collection Day Wise

The Nambi Effect Movies has been released in Cinema Theaters and it is doing very well as compared to Bollywood movies these days which is kind of struggling to earn their budget. So lets get to know the per day box office collection of The Nambi Effect. Which is based on the life and struggle of Nambi Narayan a former ISRO Scientist.

Movie Name The Nambi Effect
Star Cast R. Madhavan
Release Date 1 July 2022
Type Rocketry – Real Life Based
Budget 60 Crore

the nambi effect box office collection
the nambi effect box office collection


The Nambi Effect Day Wise Box Office Collection

The Nambi Effect Box Office Collection
Day 1 1.30 Crore
Day 2 1.50 Crore
Day 3 3.00 Crore
Day 4 3.70 Crores
Day 5 1.60 Crores
Day 6 1.30 Crores (Expected…)
Day 7
Day 8
Total  12.00 Crore

Plot Story of The Nambi Effect

This is not a story, it is true. What happened to Nambi Narayanan, a scientist who is passionate about the country’s space program, what the system has done to him, gives goosebumps. Rocket science is poorly understood. So don’t worry about it here. The science of human behavior can be understood from this film.

There are only a few movies, after watching which you keep thinking for a long time that what you just saw was really true. Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is one of those films. Rocketry takes you by surprise by showing how badly a system with no face can treat a patriotic genius. This is the story of scientist Nambi Narayanan of the Indian Space Research Institute ie ISRO.

Nambi (R. Madhavan), who worked as an assistant to a great scientist like Vikram Sarabhai in the late 1960s, turns down NASA’s offer for his country. Country-made rockets can be sent to space, for this, they collect all the necessary things and technology from different countries and make development engines and suddenly one day they find that they are accused of selling the country’s intelligence secrets to Pakistan. The police takes them away. He and the family are humiliated. There is social exclusion. Calling him a traitor, he is tortured badly.

What The Nambi Effect Movie is All About

The next story is that geniuses do not give up. Nambi fights a long battle. After all, he gets a clean chit from the Supreme Court. The Kerala government has an order to compensate them. Eventually such a government comes, which, acknowledging his contribution to India’s space program, bestows him with the country’s best civilian Padma award.

But the question is whether these things can return the time of that genius, wash away his humiliation. R. Had Madhavan not made this film, what happened to Nambi Narayanan would have come to the public in such a detailed and believable manner.

Top Notch Acting of R. Madhavan

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect tells you the power of cinema. R. Madhavan has played many roles in this noble endeavour. Producer-director-writer and actor. In acting too, he is seen in different get-ups of Nambi Narayanan. This is a one man show. The content of the film itself is strong. But seeing this in Hindi, it would have been better if at the level of dialogue-language, the attention of those viewers who do not know English would have been taken care of.

Also, in the first part of the film, the technical terminology of rocket science and some things have not come as easily as the common man can understand. Despite this, there is no dearth in the intentions of the film and there is no doubt that we need such cinema in this era. When certificates of being patriot and anti-national are being distributed on social media.

Madhavan’s passion

Madhavan’s research is visible in this story. He has honestly brought down the achievements of Nambi Narayanan and the wrong treatment meted out to him. For this reason, the expansion in the script of the film and this film of two and a half hours seems to be a bit long. Some scenes could have been edited. Technically the film is strong.

This is Madhavan’s first film as a director and his passion is clearly visible in it. He took care of the finer details in every department of the film. Shahrukh Khan’s presence as a TV journalist in the film is good and he does not try to dominate with his stardom anywhere. You can also be surprised to see a screen journalist in such a humble form. All the actors are perfect in their characters.

finally shocked

Because of the technical terminology of the film in the first part, you have to try to connect with it yourself. Whereas in the other, the struggle of Nambi and his family against the allegations against themselves easily connects you to them. Moving forward, the effect of the film also increases.

You cannot watch this film like traditional cinema. You want to sit silently after the film is over. When you love the country, you also feel ‘shocked’ after watching the film. Not only the common people, but the administration and those in power should also watch this film.

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