What is Agnipath Agniveer Recruitment Scheme | Full Details

There are many citizens in our country who want to join the army. Keeping this in mind, the Agneepath scheme has been launched by the Defense Minister of the country, Rajnath Singh. Under this scheme, the citizens of the country will be recruited in the army for 4 years. In this article you will be provided with all the important information related to Agneepath scheme. 

By reading this article, you will be able to become aware of the process of applying online under Agneepath Yojana . Apart from this, information related to the selection process of this scheme will also be provided to you. So let us know what is Agneepath Yojana and how to get the benefit of this scheme.

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What is Agnipath Yojna

Agneepath scheme has been launched by the Government of India. Through this scheme, all the youth of the country who want to participate in the Indian Army can fulfill their dream. Through Agneepath Yojana , a large number of recruitment will be done in all the three branches of Indian Army which are Army, Navy and Air Force. This recruitment will be done under Agneepath scheme. Under this scheme, the recruitment of soldiers will be done for 4 years. The announcement to start this scheme has been made by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and the chiefs of the three wings of the army. The youth recruited under this scheme will be called Agniveer.

The approval for the Agneepath scheme has been given in the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Micro Affairs. The decision to launch this scheme by the government was taken on 14 June 2022. This scheme will also prove to be effective in increasing employment opportunities. Apart from this, the security of the country will also be strengthened by the operation of this scheme. The projection of the plan was also provided by the three chiefs of the army to Prime Minister Narendra Modi before starting this scheme.

What will be the criteria for Agneepath scheme?

Recruitment for Agneepath scheme will be started soon by the central government. Some of the eligibility criteria under Agneepath scheme are as follows:

  • Candidates between 17.5 years to 21 years will be able to apply for Agneepath.
  • Applying youth should be 12th pass with at least 50% marks.
  • The recruited youth will be given training for six months. After this, you will have to serve in the army for 3.5 years.
  • Other criteria for recruitment will be issued by the government soon.

How much will be the salary and where will it be posted?

Under the Agneepath scheme, the starting salary will be Rs 30,000. In the fourth year of service, it will be increased to 40 thousand rupees. Under the service fund scheme, the government will keep 30 percent of the salary as savings. At the same time, she will also contribute the same amount in this. After four years, 10 lakh to 12 lakh rupees will be given to the soldiers. This money will be tax free. The youth recruited under the scheme will be posted in Kashmir and different parts of the country.

Is Agnipath Scheme will be withdrawn or taken back by Government?

A big statement has been issued by the Indian Army regarding the Agneepath scheme. A joint press conference was organized by the three armies. During which a statement was issued that the Agneepath scheme would not be withdrawn by the government. The information has been provided by the army that the age of the armed forces is increasing which is worrying. Keeping this in mind the Agneepath scheme was launched by the government.

Even though many protests are going on in every corner of India. There is 100% surity that this scheme will never going to be taken back by Governemnt in future like Farmer Bill.

  • The service conditions of all Agniveers will be the same as that of regular soldiers. Registration will be started under Agneepath scheme on 24 June 2022
  • Under this scheme, the online examination process will be started on 24th July. The first batch of Agnivero in the Air Force will be inducted in December. The testing of this batch will be started on 30th December. The details of recruitment under Agneepath scheme will be released by the Indian Navy by June.

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